OLEVI skin cream

Skin tags are small and soft growths that naturally hang off the skin and although they're commonly harmless, they're definitely not very flattering. They don’t cause any inconveniences, but can be uncomfortable if they rub against your clothes. And, you might not like the way they look and feel embarrassed.



OLEVY skin cream

OLEVY cream removes warts with no freezing or burning, making it a totally ache- free option. The cream has a unique formula that contains no harsh ingredients and helps with the development of new, smoother skin.

Super ingredients

Black walnut

Black walnut is a powerful ingredient that helps the body get rid of any skin growths and reveal soft, glowing skin. Used alone, it can be used for scrubbing dry skin away. In combination with the other ingredients in this solution, it boosts all properties.


Turmeric has a really strong effect and it helps remove any bacteria from the affected area. It helps diminish the appearance of skin growths and helps keep the skin soft and smooth. It doesn’t irritate the skin

Olive extract

It has great skin caring properties and helps improve the skin texture. It also feels extremely soothing when applied on the skin.


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OLEVY skin cream - olive extract

How it works?

With the unique formula of the product, outer layers of the skin are shed while the ingredients work to the skin’s inner layers and treat the growth at its roots, providing long- lasting results. The product works fast and efficiently.

Stay on formula

The cream stays on longer on the skin and provides deep hydration as well. It helps combat bacteria and repairs the skin.